Great Golf Expectations

2013 GGE Application Form (Deadline - Fri., Dec. 14, 2013)

The Great Golf Expectations (GGE) program is seeking applicants for the 2013 season. GGE is a program run under the Nebraska Golf Foundation umbrella that provides a select group of dedicated and hardworking junior golfers ages 13 and older the avenue to potentially play golf at a college scholarship level and provide life skills to lead productive lives thereafter. There is no cost associated with the program other than normal travel expenses.

The program is run under the direction of Mr. Tom Sieckmann. Tom has played golf at a high level his entire life. After a successful college career at one of the country's premier college golf programs, Tom played on the Asian and European Professional Tours for 7 years and then went on to a very successful career on the PGA Tour. After retiring from the tour Tom has been Director of Instruction for the Pelz Golf Schools, the Omaha Country Club and is a sought after teacher of individuals throughout the country.

While the goal of Great Golf Expectations is to prepare the player to compete at the collegiate level and receive a college education, there is no guarantee that a participant will receive a post-secondary golf scholarship. However, the program will coordinate and work very closely with coaches and the college golf community and make every effort to match Great Golf Expectation players with the appropriate programs and golf scholarships.

The selection of an application into the program will be based on financial need, strong desire and an aptitude for golf. Each person selected to the program will begin on the instructional team. Instructional team members will be evaluated and given instruction over the course of a year. At the end of that time instructional team members will be considered to become members of the competitive team. Competitive team members may also receive reimbursement for tournament entry fees and travel expenses as well as equipment. Opportunities will be available but ultimate success is up to the individual.

Applicants who receive entry into the instructional team program must understand and be committed to the following requirements:

" Maintain a minimum cumulative B grade average in school
" Minimum of 10 hours of winter instruction
" Minimum of 2 to 3 major tournaments per summer
" Minimum of 5 hours of in season instruction

Participants will be reviewed annually. Continued involvement in the program will be based on academic performance, demonstrated commitment to the program, and behavior on and off the golf course.

The 2013 season will begin in January with instruction taking place at the practice facilities of the Omaha Country Club. Although there is no cost associated with the program, proximity to the facilities and ability to attend the required sessions at the club should be considered when applying.

It is anticipated that once or twice a year the program will host a reception with supporters of Great Golf Expectations. Participants will be encouraged to attend, meet some of these key people and briefly speak to the group about themselves and their experiences. In addition, participants are expected to write regular letters of thanks to donors and the foundation.

An application for the 2013 GGE program is attached. It must be submitted no later than Friday, December 14th. Please send completed forms to the Nebraska Golf Foundation, 6618 118th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68137.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Craig Ames at (402) 505-4653, ext. 102 or by e-mail at