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Member Club Handicap and Course Rating Seminars

The Nebraska Golf Association is pleased to present free tailored educational programs to member clubs/courses and associations. In an effort to educate more golfers on the USGA Handicap System™ and USGA Course Rating System™ the NGA is expanding its reach by offering private programs for those requesting it. The NGA continues to strive to meet the educational needs of those interested in learning more about various NGA and USGA programs and this offer reflects our efforts.

The curriculum for these seminars will be updated Power Point presentations. Any member club/course or association interested in offering their members further educational programs should contact NGA Assistant Executive Director, Justin Ahrens, at (402) 505-4653, ext. 104.

Available presentations include:
USGA Handicap System in Brief (120 minutes)
USGA Handicap System Definitions (30 minutes)
USGA Handicap System Player Responsibilities (30 minutes)
USGA Handicap System Formula (30 minutes)
Handicap Committee Duties and Responsibilities (60 minutes)
USGA Course Rating System Definitions and Procedures (60 minutes)
USGA Course Rating System Formula (30 minutes)

Note: The NGA can tailor a presentation to fit your audience.