The Nebraska Senior Golf Association (NSGA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a variety of satisflying, competitive golf events for senior (50+) male golfers in Nebraska, as well as helping promote junior golf throughout the state.

The NSGA's Officers and Board of Directors are responsible for the ongoing management of the Association.

The Board of Directors establishes and directs the following broad operating procedures and policies to ensure ongoing effective NSGA management. These policies are not intended to be specific, exacting rules that would limit the Directors' use of their sound judgment. Rather, they are operating guidelines designed to assure that all Association members are treated equitably and that the everyday management of our events and tournaments is done with the highest degree of integritly and fairness.

Membership - Open to the following:
-Males 50 years old and older
-Nebraska residents and former NSGA members living out-of-state
-Golfers with an amateur status
-Golfers with an established current GHIN, or comparable system handicap
-Golfers who have made application and paid annual dues

Board of Directors (Comprised of up to 13 members, each of whom has been an NSGA member for at least two years)
Primary Board duties include:
-Electing officers (President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Tournament Director and Tournament Coordinator)
-Approving committees and chairmen
-Establishing rules and policies for the Association
-Establishing the annual schedule of events
-Considering and effectively dealing with all matters of the Association

Urban and out-state areas shall, within reason, be equitably represented.
The term of office for each Director shall be five (5) years.
Directors may run for re-election.
Director terms shall be staggered to assure Board continuity (i.e., 2-3 Directors shall rotate off Board each year as new ones come on)
As the need to fill vacancies occurs, the nominating committee will develop a list of nominees to present to the Board for approval and vote.

-Elected by the Board of Directors
-Schedules and presides over Board meetings
-Represents the Association in all matters
-Appoints a nominating committee when a Board vacancy occurs

Vice President
-Elected by the Board of Directors
-Replaces the President in his absence or resignation
-Assists on any/all committees

-Collects, disburses, deposits and accounts for all Association funds received from any source (e.g., annual dues and State Tournament income)
-Prepares, has printed and distributes the annual membership yearbook
-Maintains membership records
-Publishes appropriate financial reports Issues correspondence and Association reports
-The Secretary/Treasurer, at his discretion, is exempt from entry fees for the events in which he participates

Tournament Director - Tournament Director shall manage, with Nebraska Golf Association (NGA) assistance, all usual, traditional duties associated with effectively administering the weekly tournament events. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
-Receive and record entry forms and fees
-Resolve all handicap matters
-Prepare score sheets, calculate and validate winning scores and distribute prize winnings
-Assign carts and starting holes
-Provide the host course with advance lists of players and other appropriate tournament information
-Account for all funds collected and distributed according to tournament guidelines
-With the NSGA Treasurer, account for all funds collected and disbursed according to procedures
-Provide financial and player participation reports at each scheduled Board meeting
-The Tournament Director, at his discretion, is exempt from entry fees for the events in which he participates

Tournament Coordinator - The Coordinator is principally responsible for the following:
-Develop a schedule of 12-17 weekly golf events for the upcoming season
-Contact golf courses and country clubs to negotiate all terms of a contract that will secure the site for each NSGA weekly event
-Sign the agreed-upon contract with the appropriate course official for each weekly event
-Present the event schedule, sites and terms to the Board for final approval
-The Tournament Coordinator, at his discretion, is exempt from entry fees for the events in which he participates

Membership Committee
-Comprised of 2-3 Board members whose duties are to develop an appropriate recruiting program to secure new members.
-Maintains membership at a reasonable number as determined by the Board.

State Tournament
The two- or three-day tournament shall be played in the fall following the regular season events. The tournament shall be held at a site approved by the Board. The Board President shall appoint a State Tournament Chairman to manage the event, including:
-All host club arrangements and correspondence
-Develop and distribute event entry information and forms to members
-All other usual tournament arrangements, such as scorecards, handicaps, cart assignments and groupings

Weekly Events
-Normally, there shall be 12-17 events, customarily held on Mondays
-An annual schedule of events (including courses, dates, times, etc.), negotiated by the Tournament Coordinator and approved by the Board, shall be published and distributed by the Secretary to the membership prior to the start of the golf event season
-Each weekly event shall be covered by an NSGA event contract containing the pertinent aspects of the event incuding, but not limited to, the services, course yardage, weather or cancellation considerations, refund agreements, menu selection, dates and times
-The NSGA Tournament Coordinator and golf course manager or golf professional shall sign and retain a copy of the agreed-upon contract
-Team entries (forms and fees) will be accepted by the Tournament Director. Entries in events that fill within eleven days from the booklet's mailing will be determined by lottery. Entries for events not filled within the eleven-day period will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Entries received after an event is full may be maintained as standbys for the event
-Entry fees received on filled events will be returned to the applicants
-Entry fees will be returned to an applicant who cancels according to Association rules
-The Association shall attempt to "team up" single applicants with another member needing a partner

-Every NSGA member must establish and maintain an accurate, current GHIN or comparable system handicap.
-Members are obligated to record the scores for all rounds played during the year, according to GHIN directives, with at least five (5) GHIN system postings each year.
-The Tournament Director will enter into the GHIN system the tournament score of each member who plays in a weekly event. Where evidence exists of inaccurate or insufficient posting of scores to the GHIN system, the Association reserves the right to arbitrarily adjust individual handicap indices. Should such abuse continue, the Board of Directors is empowered to suspend the playing privileges of such members.

-Each committee chairman and/or officer shall have a "back-up" or assistant to assure the continuity of the position.
-The NSGA shall make an annual contribution to the Nebraska Golf Association and/or the Nebraska PGA to support the Junior Golf Program. The amount will be determined each year by the Board of Directors.

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