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To print a Membership Application, simply click on the "Membership Application" link either immediately above or below. You can then fill in the form and send it, along with your membership fee, to the NSGA, 6618 South 118th St, Omaha, NE 68137. Checks may be written to the NSGA.

The 2017 NSGA event schedule is complete and can be found under the "EVENTS" tab.

The 2017 NSGA State Tournament is scheduled for Wilderness Ridge Golf Club on Wednesday and Thursday, August 16 and 17. Information on this 2-day event will be mailed later in the summer.

The "2017 NSGA Schedule of Events & Membership" online booklet is available in .pdf format in the "MEMBERSHIP" section. This online booklet does not contain the roster, but everything else is included

Please take this opportunity to join the NSGA and enjoy some of the finer courses Nebraska has to offer.

In the past, some prospective members have been reluctant to join because they don't have a partner and all our events are 2-man. I sympathize with them because I was in the same situation when I joined a few years ago. I can't make any promises, but if you're in that situation, if you want to get me your name and contact information (phone, email or both), I can put your NAME ONLY on the NSGA website as someone looking for a partner. If somebody contacts me, I will take their information and contact you to get in touch with them. I can do this for individual events, but the names are also listed in the "Membership" portion of the website.

As always, thanks for your continued support of your organization. We look forward to another great year and to seeing you on the course.

Gary Austin

Membership Application

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