52nd Nebraska Cup Matches

Lost Rail Golf Club, Gretna | June 18, 2024
Live Scoring

Club Services

The Nebraska Golf Association has more than 160 member clubs in all regions of the state. Our member clubs are provided with the services below.

GHIN Services

The Golf Handicap & Information Network® (GHIN) is a service offered by the USGA to golf associations worldwide. GHIN is one of the largest handicap management tools in the world, serving more than 2 million golfers and 15,000 golf clubs. Services include the USGA Admin Portal for golfer management and score posting products for golfers. Learn more

Course Rating™

The NebGolf Course Rating™ team rates Member Club courses in accordance with the Course Rating System. The World Handicap System™ requires that all new golf courses be re-rated within five years of the initial rating and every ten years after that. Learn more


NebGolf provides worthwhile educational programming to member clubs on GHIN Services, Tournament Software, Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status, Handicapping and Course Rating, and more.


NebGolf serves as the golf information hub for the state, and communicates a vast array of information to members and member clubs, including a tournament clearinghouse and other worthwhile programs run by member clubs. NebGolf also provides engaging and entertaining content through its digital media platforms, and social media.


NebGolf serves as a liaison with the USGA Green Section and their Course Consulting Service, to assist golf courses with their turfgrass management. Learn more

Tournament Software

Golf Genius Tournament Management Club is provided to all NebGolf member clubs, free-of-charge. Golf Genius combines the best of golf tradition with unmatched digital innovation. From software design and development to implementation services, training and operational support, their promise is to help you deliver exceptional golf experiences time after time. Member clubs can also upgrade to TM Club Premium for an additional cost. Learn more

Course Directory

Our Course Directory allows us to showcase our Member Clubs and help golfers find places to play, or join, all across the state. The directory includes general information on each course, as well as yardages and course ratings, and has the ability to display photos and videos of the course. Member Clubs can update their info or submit photos/videos for their page by contacting Ben Vigil at bvigil@nebgolf.org or (402) 505-4653 ext. 105.

Tournament Clearinghouse

NebGolf maintains a schedule listing of golf tournaments and events in Nebraska. Member Clubs send in tournament dates and the schedule is compiled under the Nebraska Tournaments section of this website. Included are numerous opportunities for all ages and skill levels to compete.


The NebGolf office is the first line of support for any member club services, and is there to assist with any questions or needs. Give us a call at (402) 505-4653.

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