Tournament Management

Golf Genius Tournament Management Club is provided to all NebGolf member clubs, free-of-charge. Golf Genius combines the best of golf tradition with unmatched digital innovation. From software design and development to implementation services, training and operational support, their promise is to help you deliver exceptional golf experiences time after time. Member clubs can also upgrade to TM Club Premium for an additional cost.


Golf Genius TM Club

Golf Genius TM Club is provided to all NebGolf Member Clubs free-of-charge, including training and support. TM is a modern, cloud-based software product that promises less work and superior results for golf professionals who organize and run golf tournaments.

In addition to comprehensive tournament management functionality that saves the golf staff valuable time and eliminates complicated manual processes, TM also has a flexible publisher to produce best-in-class, fully customizable printed materials, and offers unique functionality for organizing and managing golf leagues.

Key Benefits of Golf Genius TM


Golf Genius TM Premium

The goal of the Golf Genius Software is to deliver on a promise of "less work, more fun, more revenue" in tournament management software - less work for the golf professional, more fun for the golfer and more revenue for the club or golf facility.

Golf Genius TM Club is a modern, cloud-based software service that delivers on the "less work" part of the promise: to significantly and measurably improve the efficiency and productivity of golf operations at a golf club or public facility. Golf Genius TM Club Premium, an optional upgrade, delivers on the "more fun, more revenue" promise by providing advanced functionality squarely aimed at enhancing the golf experience for members and players, and providing the tools to capture additional revenue by offering a differentiated golf outings package that warrants a premium price.

There are six core features of TM Club Premium that enable the benefits of more fun for golfers and more revenue for golf clubs and facilities. "More fun" happens with live scoring, live TV leaderboards, enhanced event websites, integration of these websites into member website systems, powerful tools for event registration and payment, and superb support for golf trips. "More revenue" happens with premium pricing for golf outings - made possible by live scoring, live leaderboards, event websites with unlimited capacity for sponsor content, and event registration and payment processing. See these features described in more detail HERE.