Nebraska Mid-Amateur Championship

24th Nebraska Mid-Amateur Championship

Landmand Golf Club, Homer

August 27-28, 2022

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Spellerberg Wins Nebraska Mid-Amateur in Record Fashion

Bennington's Johnny Spellerberg defended his title and continued a stellar 2022 season and cruised to win the 24th Nebraska Mid-Amateur Championship at Landmand Golf Club in record fashion. Spellerberg made three eagles during his final round 67 (-6) and set one championship record and tied another. He shattered the championship scoring record with a 135 (-11) total, and tied another by winning by seven strokes. Spellerberg's 11-under total is five strokes better than the previous record, set by Omaha's Andy Sajevic in 2020 at 6-under, and tied by Spellerberg in 2021. Visit the scoring tab above for full results, and read the recap and watch the champion interview below.



Enter This Championship Online

Exempt Player Entry Deadline: Friday, August 12, 2022

Entry Deadline: 5pm CDT on Friday, August 19, 2022


Entries are open to amateur golfers who will have reached their twenty-fifth birthday by August 27, 2022 with an active Handicap Index® based on ratings for men not exceeding 7.0 under the World Handicap System™ issued by a “member club” of the Nebraska Golf Association and a resident of Nebraska (see NGA residency below).

NGA Residency: An individual is considered to be a resident of Nebraska if they: a) maintain either a primary or a secondary residence in Nebraska, or b) are an active duty member of the United States Military stationed in Nebraska, or c) are a student physically attending college in Nebraska within a time period four-months prior to the event, or d) are a graduate of a Nebraska high school attending an out-of-state college. If these criteria are in question, the NGA Tournament Committee shall render any final decision.

Amateur Status: All players must conform with the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by the USGA.

Code of Conduct:

The NGA may reject an entry application, revoke an accepted application, expel from the Championship and/or suspend a player from future championships if the player engages in conduct detrimental to the integrity and image of the game of golf and/or public confidence in the NGA. Such conduct may include, but is not limited to, damage to the golf course or the player's equipment, verbal or physical abuse of spectators, officials, volunteers, or staff, blatant or excessive profanity, disorderly behavior, failure to abide by club rules, or any other unbecoming conduct.

Entry Fee

Entry fee of $150 must be paid by every player. Players who withdraw (402-505-4653, x104) prior to the close of entries will receive a refund minus less a $30 service charge. Players who withdraw (402-505-4653, x104) after the close of entries but prior to the competition will not be issued a refund unless the reason for withdrawing is medically related. No refund for any reason after August 26, 2022.

Closing Date



Late applications are not acceptable and will be automatically rejected. (Entries by telephone, e-mail, or FAX not acceptable.) Time limit for entries means time of receipt at NGA (not time entry is sent or transmitted to NGA). Entries should be submitted early to allow ample time for delay or error in transmission. The risk of delay or error in transmission lies solely with the entrant and the NGA will have no liability with respect to any such delay or error and the consequences therefrom, including rejection of the entry.


The championship field will be limited to 120 players. If more than 120 entries are received by the August 19, 2022 deadline, the field will be comprised of players that filed entries by the deadline in these categories:

1. Winners of any of the following NGA Championships: Nebraska Amateur, Nebraska Match Play, Nebraska Mid-Amateur, Nebraska Senior Amateur & Nebraska Senior Match Play.
2. From the 2021 Nebraska Mid-Amateur, the lowest 15 scores and anyone tying for 15th place.
3. From the 2022 Nebraska Amateur, the lowest 10 scores by a Mid-Amateur.
4. From the 2022 Nebraska Match Play, Mid-Amateur that makes the quarterfinals.
5. From the NGA POINT STANDINGS, the top 20 Mid-Amateurs as of August 12, 2022.
6. Special Exemptions selected by the NGA Board of Directors.
7. Remainder of field determined by order of entry.

*Entry applications received by exempt players following the August 12, 2022 Exempt Player Deadline will be processed under category 7 above.

2022 Exempt Player List

Entries Received

Practice Rounds
Practice rounds will be available to confirmed players in the field August 24-26. To make arrangements for a practice round between August 24-26 players must contact the golf shop at (402) 508-2238. Practice round rate is $75 (includes cart).

Championship Schedule
Saturday, August 27
7:00 a.m. - Practice Areas Open
7:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. - Player Registration
8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. - Round One; 18 Holes; Hole #1

Sunday, August 28
7:00 a.m. - Practice Areas Open
8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. - Final Round; 18 Holes; Hole #1
Following Play - NGA Hosted Lunch & Awards Presentation

Landmand Golf Club

2073 S. Bluff Road
Hormer, NE 68030
Golf Shop Phone - (402) 508-2238
Website -

General Manager - Sam Kincaid

Head Superintendent - Pat Fischer

Course Yardage

1 5 575
2 4 365
3 4 445 420
4 4 330
5 3 245 215
6 5 565
7 4 325 280
8 3 105
9 4 455 415
Out 36 3,410
10 4 405
11 5 560
12 3 160
13 4 435
14 3 240 200
15 5 640 600
16 4 470 410
17 4 315
18 5 565
In 37 3,790
Total 73 7,200
2022 Johnny Spellerberg Bennington 135 (-11) Landmand Golf Club, Homer
2021 Johnny Spellerberg Bennington 138 (-6) Norfolk Country Club
2020 Andy Sajevic Omaha 138 (-6) Awarii Dunes Golf Club, Axtell
2019 Ryan Nietfeldt Elkhorn 140 (-2) Fremont Golf Club
2018 Travis Minzel Lincoln 142 (-2) Wild Horse Golf Club, Gothenburg
2017 Patrick Duffy Omaha 146 (+2)* Yankee Hill Country Club, Lincoln
2016 Patrick Duffy Omaha 145 (+1) Platteview Golf Club, Bellevue
2015 Jon Deines Omaha 138 (-4) Fremont Golf Club
2014 Trent Morrison Omaha 147 (+3) Beatrice Counrty Club
2013 Ryan Nietfeldt Omaha 144 (E)* Beatrice Country Club
2012 Patrick Duffy Omaha 139 (-5) Beatrice Country Club
2011 Travis Minzel Lincoln 143 (+1)* Fremont Golf Club, Fremont
2010 Travis Minzel Lincoln 141 (-3) Platteview Country Club, Bellevue
2009 Mike Vanier Lincoln 141 (-1) Yankee Hill Country Club, Lincoln
2008 David Ping Omaha -** The Players Club, Omaha
2007 John Williams Omaha 72 (E)* Ironwood Golf & Country Club, Omaha***
2006 J.J. Sullivan Omaha 143 (+1) Wilderness Ridge Golf Club, Lincoln
2005 Rick Dusek Omaha 142 (-2) Willow Lakes Golf Course, Bellevue
2004 Pete Godwin Omaha 145 (+1) ArborLinks, Nebraska City
2003 Steve Samuelson Fremont 148 (+4) Indian Creek Golf Course, Elkhorn
2002 Tracy Mann Omaha 142 (E) Wilderness Ridge Golf Club, Lincoln
2001 Ryan Nietfeldt Omaha 141 (-3) Ironwood Golf & Country Club, Omaha
2000 Dr. William "Skip" Gist Omaha 147 (+5) Fremont Golf Club
1999 David Clouse Friend 145 (+1) Beatrice Country Club


*Won in playoff
** Match Play Format
***Weather Shortened

Nebraska Mid-Amateur Championship Records 1999-2021


Most titles: 3, Patrick Duffy, Omaha (2012, 2016, 2017); Travis Minzel, Lincoln (2010, 2011); Ryan Nietfeldt, Elkhorn (2001, 2013, 2019)
Consecutive titles: 2, Travis Minzel, Lincoln (2010, 2011); Patrick Duffy, Omaha (2016, 2017)
Longest Span, First to Last Victory: 18 years, Ryan Nietfeldt, Elkhorn (2001-2019)
Longest Span Between Victories: 12 years, Ryan Nietfeldt, Elkhorn (2001-2013)
Oldest Champion: 48, Rick Dusek, Omaha, 2005 (Willow Lakes GC)
Youngest Champion: 25, Ryan Nietfeldt, Omaha, 2001 (Ironwood G & CC); J.J. Sullivan, Omaha, 2006 (Wilderness Ridge GC)


Most Times Host Site:

Beatrice Country Club 4
Fremont Golf Club 4
Ironwood Golf and Country Club 2
Wilderness Ridge Golf Club 2
Platteview Country Club 2
Yankee Hill Country Club 2


Low Score, 36 Holes: 138 (6-under), Johnny Spellerberg, Bennington, 2021 (Norfolk CC); Andy Sajevic, Omaha, 2020 (Awarii Dunes GC); 138 (4-under), Jon Deines, Omaha, 2015 (Fremont GC); 139 (5-under), Patrick Duffy, Omaha, 2012 (Beatrice CC)

Most Strokes Under Par, 36 Holes: 6-under (138), Johnny Spellerberg, Bennington, 2021 (Norfolk CC); Andy Sajevic, Omaha, 2020 (Awarii Dunes GC); 5-under (139), Patrick Duffy, Omaha, 2012 (Beatrice CC); 4-under (138), Jon Deines, Omaha, 2015 (Fremont GC)

Lowest Score, Any Round: 65 (7-under), Jay Moore, Lincoln, 2020 (Awarii Dunes GC); 66 (6-under), John Sutko, Elkhorn, 2013 (Beatrice CC); 67 (4-under), Tracy Mann, Omaha, 2002 (Wilderness Ridge GC); Andrew Sajevic, Kearney, 2015 (Fremont GC)

Most Strokes Under Par, Any Round: 7-under (65), Jay Moore, Lincoln, 2020 (Awarii Dunes GC); 6-under (66), John Sutko, Elkhorn, 2013 (Beatrice CC); 4-under (67), Tracy Mann, Omaha, 2002 (Wilderness Ridge GC); Andrew Sajevic, Kearney, 2015 (Fremont GC); 4-under (68), Lynn Johnson, Omaha, 2005 (Willow Lakes GC); Brian Csipkes, Gretna, 2010 (Platteview CC); Patrick Duffy, Omaha, 2012 (Beatrice CC); Johnny Spellerberg, Bennington, 2021 (Norfolk CC); Lance Morrow, Norfolk, 2021 (Norfolk CC); Michael Wilhelm, Omaha, 2021 (Norfolk CC)

Lowest Score, First Round: 66 (6-under), John Sutko, Elkhorn, 2013 (Beatrice CC)

Lowest Score, Final Round: 65 (7-under), Jay Moore, Lincoln, 2020 (Awarii Dunes GC)

Largest Winning Margin: 7, David Clouse, Friend, 1999 (Beatrice CC)

Highest Score by Winner, First Round: 75 (3-over), Trent Morrison, Omaha, 2014 (Beatrice CC)

Highest Score by Winner, Final Round: 75 (4-over), Tracy Mann, Omaha, 2002 (Wilderness Ridge GC)

Highest Winning Score: 148 (4-over), Steve Samuelson, Fremont, 2003 (Indian Creek GC)

Most Players Under Par, 36 holes: 16, 2020 (Awarii Dunes GC)

Two Rounds Under-Par: Ryan Nietfeldt, Omaha, 2001 (Ironwood G & CC, Par 72); Patrick Duffy, Omaha, 2012 (Beatrice CC, Par 72); Travis Minzel, Lincoln, 2012 (Beatrice CC, Par 72); Jon Deines, Omaha, 2015 (Fremont GC, Par 71); Chad Geiger, Lincoln, 2020 (Awarii Dunes GC, Par 72); Andy Sajevic, Omaha, 2020 (Awarii Dunes GC, Par 72); Lance Lawson, Norfolk, 2021 (Norfolk CC, Par 72); Johnny Spellerberg, Bennington, 2021 (Norfolk CC, Par 72)



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