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The NebGolf Podcast | Dr. Apollo Stack

The NebGolf Podcast | Dr. Apollo Stack

Interventional Spine and Pain Management Physician at OrthoNebraska

OMAHA (September 15, 2023) – Dr. Apollo Stack joined the NebGolf Podcast this week to talk about his work as an Interventional Spine and Pain Management Physician at OrthoNebraska in Omaha.

Dr. Stack said that his typical client is the middle-aged golfer, and he sees quite a few of them who are dealing with some kind of neck or back pain. He said the most common injury he sees with golfers is a form of arthritis in the back.

Dr. Stack also talked about the ways they can treat injuries at OrthoNebraska, including everything from physical therapy to surgery. He said a common treatment is radiofrequency ablations, where nerves in the lower back are briefly burned, eventually growing back, but provides six months to two years of relief from pain.

See how you can visit Dr. Stack and his team at OrthoNebraska at orthonebraska.com.

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