About the NSGA (2017)

The Nebraska Senior Golf Association (NSGA) is a non-profit, charitable organization. All officers and board members serve as volunteers. To read the NSGA Administrative Guidelines, click here.

The NSGA annually donates to the Nebraska Golf Association (NGA) for the junior golf program.

There are twelve regular weekly events scheduled for 2017, starting with Riverside Golf Club in Grand Island on May 8 and ending with Yankee Hill Country Club in Lincoln on August 7. These are all 2-man team Best Ball tournaments using 90% of handicap. However, if you are unable to locate a partner or your partner is unable to play. we will accomodate you as an individual. Everyone 70 and older (and those with physical limitations) may play a forward set of tees with appropriate handicap adjustment. If those individuals wish to play the regular tees, they must notify the Tournament Director and play those tees for all events in which they participate. That means a player can't switch back and forth from the forward tees to the regular tees, depending on the course being played.

To allow everyone a fair chance to enter, entry forms for these events will be available on or around April 1 each year. Submitting hand-written entries before that date will not improve your chances of getting into an event. That's because we use a lottery system for any tournament that is oversold. Once the entry forms are available, there will be a 10-day submission period for everyone to get their entries to the Tournament Director. If an event is overbooked, teams from all the entries will be drawn until the maximum number is reached, then another 10 will be put on a waiting list. Refunds will be made to any team not making the regular or waiting lists. All events not sold out will continue to be filled on a first-come first-served basis. The entry forms will be available about April 1 in the following:

---the printed NSGA booklet distributed each spring
---the online booklet in the "How to Join" section of this website
---online in the "Events" section for each individual event

Entry fees are required as indicated on the entry form and are due before players will be entered into the tournament. Additionally, to play in NSGA events, a player must have paid his membership dues for the current year.

The Nebraska Golf Association (NGA) conducts two senior golf championships each season, the Senior Stroke Play Championship and the Senior Match Play Championship. This year the dates of those events don't interfere with our weekly NSGA outings as has occasionally been the case in the past. These are not NSGA events, but both are open to all NSGA members and have both gross and handicap flights. The NGA is not officially affiliated with the NSGA, but they welcome and encourage our participation in these two state championships for seniors.

In the fall we will have our year-ending state tournament to be held this year at Wilderness Ridge Golf Club in Lincoln on the 16th and 17th of August. This tournament is open to individuals, two-man teams, or both, giving everyone a chance to participate and excel within his age group, as well as overall. More information on this event will be distributed this summer.

We look forward to your participation this year and wish you the best of luck in all your events.

Letter from the President

To Fellow NSGA Members,

As I write this, we have just experienced the best Nebraska golf weather February I can remember and I hope everyone got in some early practice to get ready for our great slate of events beginning May 8 at Riverside.

We have 12 events, plus the State Tournament August 16 and 17 at Wilderness Ridge Golf Club in Lincoln. We again have Omaha Country Club on the schedule for Wednesday, May 17. Thank you, Gary Austin.

Please read the "2017 Schedule of Events and Membership" booklet, as we have several new things this year, such as individual play, Senior Cup competition, Hole-in-One Club, etc. These are covered in the "Important NSGA Tidbits" section, along with other noteworthy items.

New members are always welcome and encouraged. Please consider asking your eligible friends, neighbors, co-workers or relatives to join the NSGA. Membership applications are available on the NSGA website, www.nebgolf.org/nsga, or by contacting a board member.

Just a reminder - after you sign up, be sure to check the the NSGA website schedule of events to ensure you are listed to play in the events for which you registered. If you are not listed, contact Dave McEwen, our Director of Tournaments.

Remember to pay your 2017 dues and sign up for events.

Thanks for being an NSGA member and we look forward to seeing you in 2017!

John Haney
2017 President
Nebraska Senior Golf Association



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